At Bajaj Electricals Limited, we believe in a 'Winning Culture'. Our talent value proposition rests on continually empowering, enriching and fulfilling the aspirations of our members so that they maximise and realise their true potential. We are focused on sustaining an engaged and skilled workforce that is capable of delivering on the commitments to our stakeholders and making us ‘future ready’ structurally, financially and culturally.
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Gender Diversity


Permanent Employees


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Employees selected for Talent Development Programme

At Bajaj Electricals, human capital plays a critical role in shaping the growth and success of the organisation. The organisation believes that a talented and engaged workforce is essential for to the success of the Company.


Creating a Future Ready Organisation

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Employee Wellness & Safety

Creating a Future Ready Organisation


Throughout the year, Bajaj Electricals strived to establish a modern organisation structure which is agile and can adapt more quickly to external events. It Includes a re-organisation of the grading system into a flatter role-based structure, where workers are known for their responsibilities rather than their designations. This structure was developed with an aim to encourage employees to aspire for meaningful growth.


While developing the organisation's structure, Bajaj Electricals highlighted the need of building for the future. A professional and competent employee makes a substantial contribution to the Company's success. Therefore, beside hiring for major roles, it also focused on bolstering talent for key functions.


The major purpose of the R&D Centre is to create innovative products for the Consumer and Illumination industries. To meet this need, Bajaj Electricals employed professionals from a wide range of industries and backgrounds who can contribute the essential knowledge and skills for creative products.

Channel Marketing

A team of channel marketers with extensive experience in ground level activations as enablers was assembled to boost sales. This group collaborates closely with the Sales and Marketing departments.

Leadership hires

Several top-level hires were made during the year to strengthen the leadership team in manufacturing, supply chain, channel marketing, and other areas.


The practices of Bajaj Electricals' employees are linked to the purpose of building the future of the Company. Therefore, it undertook various initiatives to digitalise and simplify the employee-related process.

Few of them are:

Setting performance goals that are aligned vertically and horizontally with the option to cascade goals down to all team members.

Launching e-learning platform to bolster employee capability building journey, and so on.

Reducing on-boarding new hire lead time from 3 days to 1 day

Digitally enabled appointment letter

In addition, Bajaj Electricals is the first organisation in India to implement SAP SF's On-boarding Module 2.0. The platform is designed to provide managers with tools and process which enable active engagement. The platform also contributes to development and growth of team members.


A skilled and knowledgeable employee can contribute significantly to the Company’s growth. Bajaj Electricals invests heavily in employee talent development, which benefits them not just in terms of enhancing their skills and productivity, but also in terms of personal growth.

For FY 2021-22, Bajaj Electricals has invested

1.20 crore

for Learning and Development activities for the employees. To continuously upskill the employees, the Company held training programmes such as Leadership development, Functional training, Learn for a Cause, and series of compliance trainings like POSH, Code of Conduct, Insider trading and Whistle blower.

Also, the Company adopted an e-learning platform for segmented learning

All the e-learning modules were made available to the employees through these portals.

The Company has implemented several initiatives aimed at human resource development, including the LEAD initiative (Learn, Engage, Adapt, and Develop), Anugam — the Company's induction programme, and several others. Over 231 programmes were conducted in FY 2021-22 as a part of upskilling programme during COVID-19. The Company also provides training to the contractual and site workers in the native languages in most convenient techniques available.

Training / certification

Driving Peak Performance

Integrated talent development journey for leaders in our Manufacturing plants


Sensitisation programme for Mid and Senior Management team.

ISO 14001, 45001

Building sustainable environmental management system. Enabling safe and healthy workplace

Catapult (Managerial Effectiveness)

Immersive and application-focused workshop for strengthening working relationships, boosting collaboration, enhancing engagement between team member & manager.


Corporate induction for new joinees, opportunity to interact with Leaders in the organisation


Continuous learning initiative for high – potential employees.


Bajaj Electricals has created a working environment that values honesty, transparency, fairness, and pride. For the second year in a row, Bajaj Electricals has been recognised as a Great Place to Work by Great Place to Work Institute India . The Company built several lines of communication throughout the organisation - top down, lateral, and bottom up - through programmes like All Hands Meet, International Townhalls, and Face Time with Leaders.

Bajaj Electricals drives high performance by establishing precise goals at the start of the year that are based on a business goal cascade, as well as regular reviews. Using the performance management system, employees push their limitations to achieve more, and get rewarded with higher incentives.

Last year, the Company implemented a completely flexible pay structure that allows employees to tailor their salary to their requirements. This is to provide the employees a more personalised experience.

Through a robust incentive and recognition programme (Achieverz), good performance is recognised quarterly, with Pride Awards and yearly, with the Debutant, Rising Star, Star, and Galaxy Awards. Bajaj Electricals introduced an instant reward category to help reinforce the culture of gratitude throughout the Company. This enables the leaders to acknowledge noteworthy performance, efforts, or behaviour across any Business Unit or Department over the internet.

Support for COVID-19

During the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company conducted online training, provided flexibility of work-from-home and implemented various initiatives for effective employee engagement. Extra insurance coverage, online wellness sessions, assistance towards the workers basic needs, and employee engagement programmes were held during the year. There were no compensation reductions during the unexpected pandemic challenge. Bajaj Electricals continued to disburse salaries in a timely manner.

Diversity & Inclusion

Bajaj Electricals recognises the true potential of diversity, hence strives to be an equal opportunity employer.

The Company's recruitment method sets the tone for diversity and inclusion. While the primary objective is to locate the best candidate for the position, it is ensured that diversity is a top priority while choosing the candidates. It is customary not to ask questions regarding caste, religion, gender, or life stage during the interview process and every candidate is evaluated completely on their own merits.

While POSH trainings and a grievance redressal committee are wonderful to have, the genuine transformation comes from ensuring that both men and women workers are aware of unconscious discrimination and self-limiting attitudes to achieve everyone's career objectives. On a cognitive level, awareness and sensitivity to various demands are critical, but constructive action is also essential to make the organisation genuinely inclusive.

At Bajaj various measures have been taken to achieve this:

STEPUP: Focusing on Women

STEPUP is a platform specifically for women employees across the organisation to connect with each other. On one hand, women are given an opportunity to interact with women leaders across the industry and seek inspiration, on the other hand, they are also exposed to sessions with leading coaches. The Step-Up community is hosted on MS Teams, along with in - person meetings to ensure that women across business units and geographies connect with each other.

The following are some of the major initiatives under STEPUP

Diversity & Inclusion Council

The D&I Council consists of both men and women in leadership positions. The representation by both men and women ensures that there is diversity of views and buy-in on decisions.

Business Resource Group

These are women employees who go beyond the call of duty to mentor other women. They act as change agents and drive D&I initiatives within their business units.

Workshops on Career Intentionality

Workshops on Career Accelerators Assessment were conducted to identify key areas of development and opportunity, for all women. This ensured that while there was awareness about development areas, action was also taken to address these issues.

Women Leadership Talks

It is important to learn about women who have achieved success in their career. This translates into talks with women leaders from different organisations and walks of life. Often the discussions take place not just with respect to the professional front, but also revolve around striking a balance between personal and professional life.


Motherhood is undoubtedly the most significant event in the life of a professional woman. While the maternity policy addresses the need to be with the children, returning mothers must also feel welcomed in the organisation. To some extent Bajaj Electricals continues to communicate organisational news to the ladies on leave. Colleagues also remain in touch with the new mother to update her on the goings-on at work. Finally, when they rejoin the group, they are greeted with a celebration. New mothers are given the option to work in whichever way they want until they are ready to take on full-time job.

As a result of our efforts to focus on women's career advancement, women now make up 5.4% of our workforce.

Employee Wellness and Safety

Bajaj Electricals wants to take a comprehensive approach to its employees' safety and well-being.

The Company is striving to make the policies and procedures more employee-centric and to address all aspects of health and safety. Few of the benefits which Bajaj provides are flexible work hours, wellness time off, additional insurance coverage for COVID-affected employees, an internal support group for COVID-related issues, employee ssistance programmes, preventative healthcare initiatives, National Safety Week celebrations, classroom and on-the-job trainings, and a safety app.

The manufacturing sites of Bajaj Electricals have a safety officer and a safety committee in place to report and monitor safe work practises. The Plant Head chairs the safety committee, which includes members from several cross-functional teams. This committee meets on a regular basis to discuss safety concerns.

The Company has also implemented the Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA) technique, which is intended to determine the risk associated with certain critical equipment.

Bajaj Electricals aims to be a safe place by implementing progressive practises. Bajaj Electricals has established an EHS portal to report on near miss and deviations. The EHS portal was developed to receive support in KPI after reporting deviation near miss by the execution team. To encourage the employees to use the portal extensively and to spread awareness of the EHS portal, the Company started EHS reward function.

Additionally, it has developed and implemented One EHS app for safety observation and to achieve real time tracking of any incidents taking place at the workplace.

The app records and maintains the details of near-miss cases, which happen in the field area and report any unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, and observations at the workplace. Through this app, the authorities get notified instantly to act in a timely manner.


The Ranjangaon unit is ISO 45001-2018 certified, which is a standard guideline to manage the Occupational Health and Safety risks pertaining Bajaj Electricals’ business. At the Ranjangaon unit, trainings are given to the new workers. Classroom trainings are based on the training calendar that is developed as per the training need identification process. On job training is a part of regular activity and is also undertaken after every corrective action.

Safety training modules are developed as per the safety hazards in the plant. Workers and employees also receive trainings on the safety policy of the Company. Firefighting and first-aid trainings are also given to the relevant group of workers. The contractual workforce receives trainings including induction training, basic safety rules, machine safety, and general safety, amongst others.

To encourage the workers participation in safety activities, Bajaj Electricals initiated various activities such as safety promotional activities, celebration of National Safety Week, fire service week and other competitions on safety to spread awareness. Workers are encouraged to report on unsafe condition/actions, near misses and accidents

Along with occupational safety, the health and well-being of the workforce is also an important factor to be taken care of. Bajaj Electricals take steps to ensure that its workforce is trained on various health-related challenges such as stress reduction, diet, and occupational hygiene, amongst others. The Company provides health insurance cover for the employees and their families, and for the contractual workers, Employee State Insurance Scheme (ESIC) scheme is available for any health-related issue. The Company has tie-ups with local hospitals to get easy access and discount for any family member of the employee. Various initiatives on mental health and well-being sessions, yoga sessions, creativity session for children were also conducted.

Additionally, Bajaj Electricals drives various programmes and initiatives for the safety of the employees and workers. Some of these interventions include anti-tobacco campaign, ehavioural safety, in-house inspections and colour coding, heat stroke trainings, and so on.

Testing drivers for alcohol consumption

Drivers are the most important resource in the supply and delivery of products and materials. One of the major risks associated with this group of workers is alcoholism. The consumption of alcohol is one of the main causes of loss of productivity, absenteeism and workplace injury.

To combat this problem Bajaj Electricals started an initiative to check alcohol consumption in the drivers. This initiative was started from May, 2021, to ensure safety of the drivers. Under this initiative, the drivers’ alcohol levels were checked by the security guard during the transportation of materials from yard to project sites. If the drivers’ alcohol levels exceeded the limit, they were not allowed to operate the vehicle. This exercise was carried out strictly by the guards on regular basis.

The initiative was taken to ensuring zero road accidents in the sites as well as safe transportation of material to the sites. This initiative facilitated:

Reduction in the rate of road accidents
Protection of life and property
Creation of a healthy and safe workplace
Conducted heat stroke training and glucose distribution to prevent heat stroke

Bajaj Electricals conducted such initiatives at project sites in June, 2021, to avoid dehydration during the work and to increase the workforce. All the workers at the project site were given training programmes to prevent heat stroke and glucose was distributed to reduce the risk of heat stroke during work and increase the work force at site without any injuries, and the results were favourable.

Some of the key outcomes were:

Reduction of the risk of heator sun stroke
Increase in workforce
Prevention of health hazards at work
Behavioural safety

The initiative was taken in Ishnagar T/L Project office and site in November 2021 towards behavioural safety. The measure was intended towards sensitising employees on the safety - related aspects. This initiative helped employees to adopt safe practices and be mindful of their own safety.


It was a challenge for Bajaj to collect and track EHS data from the manufacturing units. To resolve this the Company came up with various programmes and initiatives which would help to report all the incidences and keep a record of all the documentation related to EHS. One of the initiatives is daily basis tracking of EHS data. Other initiatives taken by Bajaj Electricals for the same are as follows.

Induction of PT worker on a fingertip
The induction to the workers were conducted verbally without any written documents.

Therefore, the initiative in December, 2021, which provides documented induction trainings to workers was conducted. Such as listing of all major work activities in TL project, prepared 3 sheets for each activity like Page 1- basic safety precautions, Page 2 -pictorial presentation of the safety measures, Page 3 -Dos’ & Don’ts of the same, then combine all activities along with general basic thumb rules of construction sites. Designing of the whole data and accumulating all information and prepared a single INDUCTION FLIP CHART, which will always be on fingertip during nduction training for the worker.

The key outcomes were:

1. Compact training schedule

2. Zero time for the thought process

3. Cover all major topics without missing a single point

4. Helps to increase interest of the worker

Track the EHS performance
A lack of initiative was observed in February 2022 at DDUGY Rohtas PD in Bihar towards tracking the EHS performance and documentation for the same.

It includes listing of all work plans that are received from the engineers, identification of associated risk level, with the special focus on shutdown locations and visit or follow up through communication. The daily tracking system was implemented at the sites towards EHS documentation (record of TBT, PTW, PTP, Site photos , and so on.) It was further consolidated and shared in Rohtas PD group and notifying the entire site team about their daily performance. Additionally, monthly combined data is sent to the associated committee members in the form of graphical presentation. 100% sites were complying with it, additionally it helps for the nomination of best performer of the month. Some of the key outcomes were:

1. Tracking each employee on the daily basis

2. Sharing related data with in-group and insist the site team automatically for implementation of action

3. Regular intimation through mail keeping PM and in-charge, Region ESH.

Way Forward

The organisation is constantly working to improve the workplace environment, including employee health and safety to provide value to all stakeholders. Bajaj Electricals will continue to give learning and development training to staff to ensure their safety awareness, as well as for their career development and leadership enhancement. In the future, the Company would place a greater emphasis on zero accidents, maintaining compliance and certification for each site, employee satisfaction, and increasing the number of women in top and senior management positions.