Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

– Nelson Mandela

English is the medium of instruction across classes.

Bengali / Hindi is offered as the second language and third language. A third language is compulsory from classes V-VIII.

Ensuring basic language and numeracy skill development and self reliance is the primary goal in the initial years. CFS offers an experiential journey where a pre-primary student’s world of fantasy and imagination is weaved into the curriculum effectively. Lessons are imparted through activities, storytelling and action songs. Exploring the play way allows the children to discover the world around them with ease and confidence.

During the years at primary and middle school, emphasis is on emotional, social, cognitive, enhanced language and physical development. Critical thinking, problem solving, inquisitiveness and creativity are nurtured.

Value Education, SUPW and a sound knowledge of computers are an essential part of the curriculum.

Instilling a strong sense of moral values and respect is a cornerstone of education at CFS.

The senior school students are encouraged to engage in meaningful project work aimed at building essential analytical skills. The students are prepped for key examinations and guidance is provided regarding suitable career paths and life skills required for the journey forward.

Assessments: No formal tests are conducted in the Pre-Primary Section. Continuous assessments through Unit Tests are conducted in the Primary classes. Class IV upwards students are assessed through Unit Tests and Terminal Examinations.

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Our students have performed exceedingly well in the examinations conducted by the CISCE - 2022.

ICSE 2022:

No of candidates appeared: 56

Highest score: 98.6%

All students scored above 70%

ISC 2022 :

No of candidates appeared: 22

Highest score: 95.5%

All students scored above 75%

For ISC (XI & XII) students are offered a wide range of subjects to choose from. Interdisciplinary combinations are also permitted.