E Safe Repairs

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Why Choose E Safe Repairs?

We aim to provide our customers with reliable cover for Electrical & Appliance breakdowns. Our competitive premium rates ensure all our customers receive a professional service and, above all, peace of mind.


Once you’ve chosen a plan to suit you, you’ll always have peace of mind knowing we’re just a call away incase of any electrical breakdowns.


Our two simple plans offer cover for electric & appliances. Pick the one thats right for you. No confusions. Simple & easy.


With one of our protection plans in place you’ll have an engineer with you within 24 hours and you’ll never be stung with any hidden excess charges.


If your appliance breaks down or stops working in an unexpected event of a mechanical, electrical breakdown or accidental damage, we will send an experienced engineer from our UK-wide network of tradesmen straight to your doorstep.

ELECTRICAL Insurance Cover

Keep your home running smoothly with electrical insurance cover if there is an electrical breakdown. Our Home Emergency Policy will help you overcome this situation.

Home Emergency Cover provides peace of mind that covers your home against unexpected incidents such as plumbing leaks, boiler breakdowns, loss of keys, and complete failure of electrical supply.


Protect the appliance that you can't do without

Appliance repairs and replacements can prove costly which is why it is in your interest to get protected with a Smart Cover insurance policy. When your washing machine breaks down or your dishwasher stops working, the last thing you want to do is to fork out money for a repair or a replacement and make already stressful situation worse. Avoid this hassle altogether and put your mind at ease with Smart Cover’s wide-range of appliance insurance plans.


Peace of Mind with Secure Home Repair Plans

  • Electrical Insurance Cover £9.99

  • Electrical & Appliances (includes 4 appliances) £24.99

Let Us Know Your Requirement