We are enhancing operational efficiencies to build a more sustainable business. I am pleased to report that all our teams from the top leadership to our workmen at the plants are driving our sustainability agenda through increased focus and innovation.

Dear Shareholders,

FY 2021-22, like the year before, remained challenging for businesses in India and the world over.

However, there certainly was moderation in severity of challenges in the evolving macro landscape and coupled with the increased acquired ability to mitigate them, the year overall seemed somewhat easier to navigate through. Undeterred by the headwinds, your Company focused on keeping the strategy flexible and execution agile to leverage relevant opportunities as they emerged. This enabled the Company to maximize the value-creation for customers and all other stakeholders.

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Introducing Orient Cement

Our vision

Build Sustainably to be a Valued Partner in Progress

Started in 1979, today we are a fast growing cement company in India, with a diversified portfolio of products addressing a wide range of construction activities. Our two integrated cement manufacturing plants and a split clinker grinding unit position us with strong market share in states of Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. The well-diversified but synergistic geographic portfolio of assets in high-growth and profitable markets underpins our long-term valuecreation objective.

Our values


The Orient Cement way, the dahi haandi way

Humility to learn

Walk the Talk

Respect for all

Celebrate diversity

Passion to excel

Agility with speed

Our Board of Directors

Mr. Chandrakant Birla

  • Date of appointment: 23rd July, 2011
  • DIN: 00118473
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Arts
  • Occupation: Industrialist
  • Expertise in specific functional areas: Industrialist having rich business experience in managing diversified industrial enterprises.

Mr. Desh Deepak Khetrapal
(Managing Director & CEO)

  • Date of appointment: 2nd April, 2012
  • DIN: 02362633
  • Qualification: Honours degree in Business & Economics and Master’s degree in Business Administration in Marketing and Finance from the Delhi University
  • Occupation: Service
  • Expertise in specific functional areas: Professional business leader with a track record of leading and transforming large and diversified organizations, across various Industries including services, industrials, consumer and retail businesses.

Mrs. Amita Birla
(Non- Executive Director)

  • Date of appointment: 27th March, 2015
  • DIN: 00837718
  • Qualification: GCE-A Leve
  • Occupation: Industrialist
  • Expertise in specific functional areas: Management and operation of diverse nature of business.

Agile and nimble

Total income
(₹ crore)

Net Profit
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EBIDTA margin