Revolutionising real estate

We focus on simplified and transparent dealings

Our Vision

We envision a real estate sharing economy where the benefits of investing in real estate should be made available to every investor without the barrier of high capital requirements. We aim to realise this vision through Our Real Estate NFT Marketplace.

Our Mission

We use blockchain technology to solve some of the challenges of real estate industry, worldwide, such as lack of transparency, high costs of transactions, intermediaries and so on to simplify dealings.

Our approach

With the help of decentralised cryptocurrencies, we tokenise physical real estate properties into fractionalised sharable digital real estate NFTs.

Ensures transparency

The platform allows buyers and sellers to connect directly, without the need for a third party. This makes the process more efficient and reduces the costs associated with buying and selling property.

Opportunity for all

Making real estate investments accessible to small investors.

From the corner office

I would like to thank you for contacting SM Properties. I appreciate this opportunity to have a dialogue with you.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency marks the dawn of a novel phase in financial markets driven by technology, with a potential to upend conventional business practices, regulatory perspectives and market strategies.

SM Properties, through its cryptocurrency, SMP Token, and real estate NFTs, aims to overcome some of the central issues bedevilling both the cryptocurrency and the real estate space. An investor buying a token can alternatively take full ownership of the underlying property. A part of the profit that is generated from the commercial use of the underlying property is distributed to the token holders as dividends.

Our efforts are aimed at resolving issues while dealing in real estate today such as high pricing, liquidity issues, and proximity to the property, by implementing technologies like tokens, NFTs, blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies in the real estate ecosystem.

We look forward to an enduring association with you with mutual trust and cooperation.

Thank you.

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