Become a part of the SMP token ecosystem with our entry-level crypto affiliate programme.

Features of the programme

Double revenue

The programme gives you two types of revenue, that is referral bonus and daily bonus.

100% decentralised

The investments are 100% decentralised.

Safe and secure

It is a Secure Asset Fund (SAFU) for its users to protect their investments from losses and risks.

Fast profit

We are talking about ways you can make money fast. Invest money and get a reward, bonus and profit

Legally compliant

We maintain possible compliance with anti-money laundering laws everywhere.

Inflation proof

As you know inflation rate is around 8% but we offer you up to 15% returns monthly.

When you invest in our affiliate programme, you earn through 2 types of revenue sources. You first invest a principle amount which helps you earn a daily bonus. And then the affiliate programme lets you share your unique referral link or id with your network or audiences to earn up to 20% commissions from the qualifying leads.