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Acquire real estate with confidence with the power of blockchain. Make your long-term investments in real estate now liquid and tradeable.

SMP token is the native cryptocurrency that powers SMP’s NFT Marketplace. These tokens are developed on Binance’s smart chain that allows them to deploy smart contracts into NFTs. Hence, they can be used for transactions involving real estate NFTs.
  • SMP token is backed by physical real estate assets
  • It is a security token rather than just a typical utility token
  • It is the native token of SM-Properties NFT Marketplace
  • SMP token enhances real estate as an investment vehicle
  • SMP Tokens are smart contract enabled thus they automate the process of rent distribution among the token holders
  • SMP is BEP-20 Token so it is very compatible with Binance network which increases its liquidity on dex platforms.
Efficient payments, liquidity in real estate, increased accessibility, automating paperwork, Lower transaction fees, increased transparency, efficient proof of ownership, and hassle-freely investing in global real estate.
Here at SM Properties, we are combining real estate and blockchain technology to create a liquid asset class of real estate to make real estate investment accessible to investors from various backgrounds and classes.
SMP token has a limited supply of 100 Cr tokens and it uses the ‘Burn per Transaction’ mechanism which is used by major cryptocurrencies to control the supply of the token.