At Sembcorp Energy India Limited (SEIL), we have always endeavoured to meet the energy needs of the present and the future in a sustainable way. We understand our responsibility of reliably generating electricity that ushers in a sustainable tomorrow.

Towards this end, we are actively advocating and participating in the journey towards decarbonisation while endeavouring to provide reliable power supply. Being a responsible thermal energy player in India, we are striving to provide uninterrupted power supply sustainably. Being at the forefront of innovation, our performance has been consistent in delivering sustainable value and better service to our stakeholders and ensure reliable power generation.

Message from Managing Director

Dear Shareholders,

I write this message at a time when economic activity and energy demand have recovered after two years of pandemic-associated disruptions.

After the second and third waves of the pandemic in FY2021-22, the accelerated pan-India vaccination drives and multipronged fiscal measures helped revive growth, leading to a rebound in energy demand in FY 2021-22. However, the emergence of new COVID-19 variants, commodity price fluctuations and complex dynamics of economic recovery created ongoing uncertainties throughout the past year, that continue today.

We remained resilient and performed well by proactively adapting and taking strategic measures to combat the challenges that arose across our operations, workforce, and communities. Safety and employee welfare was a high priority, which also ensured uninterrupted asset performance.

Vipul Tuli

Managing Director

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in conducting business

At Sembcorp Energy India Limited, we have designed our corporate governance structure to best support our business, ensure full compliance with laws and regulations and meet the needs of our stakeholders.

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Senior leadership team

Mr. Vipul Tuli

Managing Director

Mr. Juvenil Jani

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Raghav Trivedi

Business Head

Mr. V. Kalyan Kumar

Head - Human Resources

Mr. Ramesh Raman

Head - Operations & Maintenance